We live in a highly toxic world. Our bodies are bombarded with pesticides, herbicides, plastics, cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, preservatives, pollution, the list goes on. Not surprisingly, this affects our bodies and our health. Not only do our kidneys and liver (the main detox organs) get over-burdened, but our gut, brain and immune system as well. In fact there is really no organ or part of the body that is not challenged by toxins. This results in all kinds of illnesses and makes it that much more difficult, if not impossible, to heal from disease.

The body needs to be able to cleanse itself in order to function optimally. Detoxification practices are crucial for cleansing the body in order to get well and feel well. In my opinion, detox is the foundation of holistic healing.

Detox practices include:

  • Clean eating
  • Hydration
  • Alkalizing
  • Ionic foot detox
  • Breathing practices
  • And more...

What to expect from detox:

I believe in a practical, doable approach. Once we have identified the top priorities for your health, we will create a practice that you are comfortable with and feel you are able to do on a regular basis. Detox doesn’t have to be harsh or complicated. For people who are dealing with chronic, complex illnesses like Lyme disease, it is important to take a gentle approach that does not tax the body further, but rather helps decrease symptoms, put the body back in balance and create a foundation for wellness and further treatment.

As I grow older I am more and more aware that maintaining my health is not just a matter of taking the right number of pills or joining the local gym. As a Certified Holistic Practitioner, Martha helps me strengthen and deepen my physical, mental and spiritual health. Her breadth and depth of knowledge keeps me in touch with my wholeness as a human being at all three levels. And in her caregiving she does not just "do things to me." She encourages me to make choices and decisions for body, mind and heart from a sense of agency. With her guidance, I am coming to understand that even as I age, I am not losing my humanity. I am developing new pathways to experience the depth of my life as a human being.
– Dale, 75