How to Make Your Own Flower Remedies... and How to Use Them

It's simple and economical to make your own remedies from fresh flowers. You just might have a whole apothecary right outside your door!

You’ll need:

  1. Glass bottle (amber, cobalt or green)
  2. Spring water or well water from a glass container
  3. Glass or bowl (preferably crystal but glass is fine) with no pattern on it
  4. Piece of paper towel to place flowers on before adding to the water.
  5. Brandy or vodka (preferably organic and/or gluten free) as a preservative. If you prefer not to use alcohol, use vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar
  6. Garden shears or scissors for gathering flowers.
  7. Labels for the bottle.
  8. Any fresh flowers (To discover what healing properties a flower has, simply google the name of the flower + "flower remedy" or "flower essence".)

The process:

  1. Put the water in the bowl/glass and place it in the sun.
  2. Make a stock bottle by adding the brandy (or other preservative) with spring water into the stock bottle, about one-third to one-half water to preservative.
  3. Pick flowers that are fully open and mature, not too early or too late. Gather them in full sun when there is still several hours of sunlight left in the day. Take some time to sense into whether it is appropriate to take the flowers, and choose which ones are best. You don’t need a lot of flowers to make a remedy. Sometimes just one is enough. Trust your intuition.
  4. Cut just the flowers from the plant without touching them. Let them drop onto your paper towel.
  5. Add the flowers to the water-filled glass or bowl, face up toward the sun if possible.
  6. Leave the flowers in the sun for approximately three to four hours in a quiet, peaceful place where they won’t be disturbed.
  7. Once step 6 is done, the water the flowers have been sitting in is ready to be made into a remedy. This is the Mother Essence.
  8. Add around seven drops of the Mother Essence to the bottle you prepared in Step 2. Activate the remedy by vigorously shaking the bottle. Be sure to shake the essences each time before using. This is your flower remedy.
  9. Write the name of the flower on the label, along with other information like date, time or place and especially dosage, which generally is 4 drops, 2-4 times a day.
  10. Store your flower remedies away from direct light and extreme temperatures.

Now that you have your flower remedy, here are some answers about how to use it:

How do I take flower remedies?

Flower remedies can be taken “neat” in the mouth, or put in water; they can also be put in bath water or on our skin. You can even just carry your bottle in your pocket. For pets, you can put the remedy directly in the mouth, on the inside flap of the ear; or you can put in their water bowl, or on treats or food.

How many remedies can you take at a time?

You can take a single remedy or a formula of several in one bottle. There is no rule about the maximum number of remedies but the guideline is 6 or 7 remedies. More than that won’t do any harm but they may confuse the “message” the flowers are sending to your body. A practitioner like myself will use their judgement and create a formula for you based on the most important issues you are dealing with, using the remedies they feel are the best fit for you.

How long do I take flower remedies?

They can be used short-term for dealing with difficult situations or emergencies, or long-term for deep-rooted issues or life changes.

What should I expect when I take a flower remedy?

Most people find they feel less stressed, more optimistic, and feel more clarity. Some can make some major changes in their lives after taking their remedy long-term. Often they sleep better and have more energy.

I have seen some truly remarkable results: “Brenda”, who seemed to have the perfect life, masked her unhappiness with a cheerful veneer. Once she started taking her remedy, she uncovered her true feelings and found the courage to end her toxic marriage of many years, much to her surprise and everyone else’s. “George” who never thought he would be in a happy relationship again, resolved his feelings of loneliness and isolation and fell in love. Over the years, I have used flower remedies to help get over breakups, exhaustion, grief, all kinds of transitions and changes and every other mental/emotional bump in the road.

Can I take flower remedies with other modalities?

Yes. That is one of the many wonderful things about flower remedies. They don’t interfere with pharmaceuticals, herbs or other remedies. The only possible exception I know of is with homeopathy. Some homeopaths prefer not to mix the two modalities because they are very similar and it can be difficult to discern which remedy is working.

Are there any adverse effects to taking flower remedies?

There are no side-effects to flower remedies. Occasionally you can experience emotions that have been suppressed or denied, or mild physical manifestations of those emotions such as tension or stiffness. This is a natural part of the healing process as emotions get cleared out of the body.