For most of my life I have been interested in natural medicine, even before I knew anything about it. From a young age and into my twenties, I had debilitating headaches that would last for weeks. After years of not getting better, I finally sought out natural solutions. With nutrition, herbs and bodywork my headaches improved and I had a whole new lease on life. The fact that I could get better and stay better by doing healthy practices for myself and not have to rely on prescriptions was a complete revelation.

This started me on a long path of curiosity and investigation into all things holistic. There is nothing that doesn’t interest me from reflexology and flower essences to essential oils and homeopathy and everything
in between.

My work as a counsellor in a women’s shelter taught me a number of things: how to guide people through upheaval and crisis, the importance of advocating for my clients, and helping my clients help themselves get back on their feet.

My professional experience as a counsellor, my personal experience dealing with own health issues and my love of natural medicine inspired me to become Certified Holistic Practitioner specializing in Lyme disease and chronic illness. 


holistic lyme Practitioner Certification

  • 2017 – present, Uprooting Lyme Practitioner Mentorship, New York
  • In-depth training in a holistic, client-centered approach to healing all aspects of Lyme and Chronic Complex Disease

Diploma in Homeopathy

  • 2015, British Institute of Homeopathy, UK.
  • 200+ hours of study in the homeopathic approach to healing including Materia Medica, repertorizing and detoxification

Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner

  • 2012. The Bach Centre, UK
  • Certification in Bach Flower remedies


  • 1998, Reflexology Association of Canada, Montreal
  • Foot and Hand Reflexology

Institute of Natural Health Consultants training

  • 1997-2000. Institute of Natural Health Consultants, Montreal
  • Emphasis on herbology, vibrational medicine, nutrition

Bachelor's Degree

  • 1991-1995, Concordia University, Montreal
  • Bachelor’s with Distinction, Applied Social Science
  • Training in counseling and group leadership
"Martha, thank you. When we started working on my pain and medical issues it was after years of doctors, tests, and painful procedures. None of them helped. With your help, I am able to function at a much higher level, and enjoy things in life. Along with your patience, and persistence, kindness, support, and knowledge, I feel definite improvement. You were a gift."
– DF